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Mr Dashrath Kumar Gupta

We embarked on our journey with a simple aim - to bring the people of my country, if not above then at least, at par with their counterparts in other parts of the world.
Today, Royal Premium Developers Ltd. has redefined the real-estate market with its set principles and values that all direct towards creating a good society to live in. It has brought concreteness to a common man’s dreams without any air of uncertainty and we will continue to do so as it’s your dream, but our passion to create good homes.

Mr Rajesh Gupta

As Frank Gehry rightly said, “Architecture should speak of its time and space, but yearn for timeliness”. We aim at creating landmarks that will adorn the skyline of the city for a timeless period.
Today, we have exploited various realms of real estate shorty after our commencement in this industry. In a short course of time, we will be successful in creating our foothold in all these realms. As we move ahead to achieve our aim, we promise to serve the best to our customers while following the highest code of ethics in all our endeavours.

Siddharth Gupta

We know that we can achieve a breakthrough only when keep ourselves abreast with the latest technologies that are gaining wide acceptance and popularity, the trends that are likely to become the future and the ideas that are going to illuminate the world. Keeping this mind, we have ensured that every decision that we take or every policy that we formulate imbibes each of these aspects wholesomely. It is true that we are already on a vibrant trajectory of progress. But, it isn’t our progress alone. But, it is the victory of all of our customers who believed in us and gave us the opportunity to bring absoluteness in their dreams. For us, the customers have and will always remain the actual creators of the Complexes.

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